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About the Stratford Naturalists

The Stratford Field Naturalists were established in 1966 to share community interest in Stratford and the surrounding area’s natural environment and to support its conservation.


Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month from September to June in the Kiwanis Centre on Lakeside Drive in Stratford and are open to the public. Meetings feature prominent speakers on topics of environmental interest, and have featured speakers such as Bridget Stuchbury, Nick Eyles, Jean Irons, Joe Crowley and Donna Geisler . We sponsor a program of walks throughout the year to familiarize members and the public with particular features of the area and their accompanying flora and fauna. Members participate in scientific research by observing and recording species for projects such as the Christmas Bird Count, the Breeding Bird Atlas and the Chimney Swift Watch. The Perth County area features a variety of attractions.


While Stratford is famous for the Shakespeare Festival Theatre, there are several exciting natural areas to explore in this southern area of Canada. The Avon River, a tributary of the Thames River, flows through the city providing the picturesque setting for Queen’s Park and the Festival Theatre. The river exits the city on its way south to St. Mary’s through the T.J. Dolan Natural Area, an avian and floral treasure with many trails to explore. North of Stratford is the Ellice Swamp, with a recently upgraded nature trail following an abandoned railway right of way. Mitchell has the West Perth Wetlands, originally created in partnership with Ducks Unlimited, which has become a magnet for birders from across Ontario. To the south lies the Wildwood camping and conservation area managed by the Upper Thames Conservation Authority. The Stratford Field Naturalists have committed to ongoing roles in stewardship of the McTavish Tract and the annual roadside cleanup of the highway between Sebringville and Stratford.

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